Monday, May 09, 2005

The Cutting Edge

I ran down the trail on a recent moonlit winter night - it was 10pm. I ran about 3 Miles on an icy, crushed clay and gravel surface. The temperature was around 17 degrees. No problem running, I have run at much colder temperatures.
As I ran I spot a runner approaching me with a strange, unbalanced stride - yet quite fast.
At this dark, late hour, one always approaches another runner with caution and courtesy. Both of us were running quite fast, so we closed the ground between us quickly. 20 feet away from me I note that he was carrying a long object - He was carrying a sword! One of those long curving swords used by Persian soldiers and pirates. I am confident in my own sprinting speed and I plan a quick 45 degree sprint to the main highway if need calls.
I say hello, but he passes without a word.
Life by Lake Minnetonka has its oddities.


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