Friday, May 20, 2005

Morrell Mushrooms- from the gloom

It has rained for 33 of the last 40 days here in Minnesota. The lights in my house are on all day. The gloom is palpable. The docks around the lake are populated only with covered boats. I have ventured out to photograph the seasonal flurry of boating ramp activity to find rainslicker weather with a few fishermen. The cool, wet weather is oppressive,but we press on.
One bit of anticipated excitement. With a little warmth this will be Morrel mushroom weather. My heavily wooded lot may hold these little treasures, and this weekend I will do a search. In the past (last year) I discovered a handful of the Morrells, an old pair of reading glasses, and 1/2 of a turn of the century pop bottle (19th century). Eureka!
Stay tuned for photos of the results of the hunt.


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