Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Cemetery Name & Boat Names

Middle English cimiterie, from Old French cimitiere, from Medieval Latin cimitrium, from Late Latin coemtrium, from Greek koimtrion, from koimn, to put to sleep. See kei-1 in Indo-European Roots.]

The name of the old cemetary is "Oak Hill Cemetery". According to the brief reading I have done the oldest markers are scattered around the base of the hill, and a Civil War Memorialwhich once set atop the hill has been moved to the bottom.

On a considerably different note: I have decided to add a little running feature to my entries. "The names of boats" on Lake Minnetonka. These boats often have some of the most hillarious, telling, and self indulgent monikers.
I was running a few days ago and saw an aging cabin cruiser named "Double Vision". Another boat name I noticed while watching a very tan middle aged man step from a yacht with two young bikini and high heel clad women on each arm. His boats name was "Well Adjusted" and boasted a Chiropractic symbol.

Yes all this - and more- to come, with photographs.


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