Sunday, June 05, 2005

Excelsior's Peaceful hilltop

I decided to visit the old Excelsior pre-civil war cemetary. The winding road to the top still looks as if it were designed for horse drawn vehicles. Narrow and rutty with tight turns and short rock walls.
The cemetary markers and stones are unadorned and weathered. This may be one of Minnesota's oldest cemetaries, it is cetainly one of the most hidden. It is tucked between the bustling Highway 7 and Old Excelsior Boulevard (now a mer frontage road at this local).

The only name (I can find) is "Cemetery". I have heard it called the "Old Excelsior Cemetary'. Covered with many pre-statehood (Minnesota 1858) graves. There is little to say about its history until I dig deeper into local lore.

A flat stone marker sets at the very top of the hill. - Donald Gray 1899-1920. Marine Aviator -.


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