Sunday, July 24, 2005

Mike Tice, Wild Boar and I

Mike Tice and wild boar - a marriage made in heaven. I sat with my friends in a sun bathed, humid, simmering one-room bistro. Still, good taste abounded. The restaurant was packed tightly with Lake Minnetonka glitteratti. Mike Tice ( the coach of the Minnesota Vikings football team) was seated in a window seat with a very attentive dinner party of four. He seemed relaxed, congenial, and generally unnoticed. My only observation was that Mr. Tice and his party put our fair party to shame for upscale attire. - Read: We were dressed a bit too casually.

Shelly and I were accompanied by Ann & Paul, Warren& Mary, whose knowledge of fine cuisine is extensive (and yet forgiving for simple faults). Paul ordered, like I, the wild boar (this explains the post title). Shelly ordered the tagliotti with spring peas and prosciutto, and Warren ordered roast chicken with vegetables. Ann ordered the gnocci.I admit I do not know what Mary ordered, but it involved a parmesan cream sauce and cauliflower. Shelly and I split the spring green salad with blue cheese, walnuts and apples. Excellent.
I must say that, during an extremely busy night, the staff was very attentive and I believe they were a a bit overwhelmed by the demands of a packed house. The air conditioning was pushed to the limits. They did very well in a crunch - I love the place for it’s personality.
Here is my brief cullinary assesment.
1. The scallops are divine. My friend Mary told me what the pungeantly marinated bed of greens that the scallops sat upon were, but whatevever I ate the garnish.
2. My wild boar was fatty. Perhaps my lack of knowledge comes into play, but it was fatty.
3. Splitting a salad is the way to go. Ceasar once said" Split a Salad and you will conquer the world". Well at least they will name one after you.


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Such is life. Had you dressed to the "9's" you'd be the only one!

Nice photos

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