Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Answers to Questions - From the Corn King, Deposed

I submit these answers to questions from the previous post "Will I Be Accidentally Crowned Corn King"

1. Was I crowned Corn Days King?

There it sat on the official's table. A Corn Crown. The top was a golden ear of corn,
the brim was made from neatly bordering corn husks... a variation of "Jug Head's"
crown cap, but more glamorous of course. I wanted to take it and put it on, and I did for just a second.
I was the Corn King. An event worker frowned at me, and I took it off. Deposed.

2. What was the "All you can eat for a small fee"? As my posted photo shows: $5.00 a day. Well it was a charity for St. George Church after all. - Hot dogs: $2.00. Brats $4.00.

3. Ice cream was standard Kemps and other commercial varieties.

4. Searching for Bob Fischer - Corn Days Grand Marshall. It turns out that Bob Fischer is a homess advocate who sponsors year round "Sleep Out with Bob" events for homeless advocacy. He has raised 1.4 Million this year. He is also a shoe repairman, owner of Bob's Shoe Repair in nearby Wayzata.
5. There was no 'carni' section, as there was in the past. My aging throwing arm has been spared.

Finally, I was impressed by the young garage band 'Absolut Gruv". Youthfull, energetic and playing Southern Rock in Minnesota for God's sake! My apologies to St. George's Church.


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