Saturday, September 10, 2005

Two artists obscured

The show opened last night, and I will admit that a Friday night opening didn't even appeal to me. Eric's prolific conceptual work can confuse a viewer, and it's politically charged rhetoric (he is an artist that is quite willing to add written information to his work) can alientate many. In Lowertown St. Paul, as in most artist gathering spots, leftist ideology is fairly standard stuff. Still his work is very interesting, if only for the mystifying motivation that drives one to create so much artistic pedantry. OK, let me refrase: The motivation to create work that lectures and obscures simultaneously. By the way, a warning; it earns a strong R rating.
My work is tame by comparison. Pictorial. Formalism with some hints at whackosim.

Monday morning note; Public outcry has caused Eric to edit some of his depiction of male genitalia illustrations. This is intellectual castration at its most literal. I must note, however, that the show that was up just last week was a "Christian Theme Art" show. I say this to note that this disparate mix of subject matter might catch an unnaware visitor off guard to say the least.


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