Monday, October 10, 2005

We have a Doggie Down!

Mardi (on Minnetokonka) , our 14 1/2 yr. old standard poodle took a slip on our hardwood floor, and is now struggling to walk. As dogs and people get old, falls can be dire signs. I do not need to belabor the point . I have seen it too often.
I have administered buffered aspirin, covered the floor with throw rugs (thus the name), and I am a practiced Poodle carrier. I think she will recover - this time. Winter may be tough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:56 AM  
Blogger Lurid said...

Eek! Sorry to hear about your dog. I hope she makes a quick recovery. It is always heartbreaking for me as a doggie parent to see mine suffering at all.

Fun blog--I like your pictures, and got a kick out of your suggestions for remaking old movies. :)


8:09 AM  

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