Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Reindeer Memoirs

Behind the Scenes Interviews with the often misunderstood “Gang of nine”
Speaking about working with Santa:

“ The Clauseman, He’s driven. He wears this red coat and has a warm, fuzzy white beard, but he’s type A man, alway pushing. On Dasher, On Dancer! ...It gets old.... but it beats being like a lawn figurine.”

Dancer & Prancer
- “Santa had a tough time accepting our alternate lifestyle, but in the end it is performance that counts to old SC, and Dancing and Prancing are seperate issues. For Santa flat out speed and dedication are tantamount. In our free time we just hang out at different salt licks.

- “It’s all about the ka ching and bling, lots of bling. Look’n cool, & getting your props from the sled” They pay cash, and I fly.”

- “Santa hired me because of my name in the industry. I’m the Reindeer’s afterburner. High gear, mach 2.”

- “Oh , don’t you think old cubby cheeks and his wife make the just the cutist couple!? She gives me pink bubble gum and Santa gets those 'Northern lights' back rubs. Sparks fly I tell you! She uses oil, but not whale oil, no way!”

- “Famous my tail. I admit, I’m bitter. Ive got a crumby name & low billing. The only ones named ‘Donner’ besides me is that party in California - a real lucky group. Well I’m putting in my time. The difference between me and Glitzen is that he "flies" and I pull, and I know the difference. But Santa has alway been good to me. Nice reins, loose bit and good food.”

- “Mr. Claus has me second seed. He was the one who gave me the name Blitzen, for speed. It’s a German thing that has nothing to do with drinking. Just to remind Mr. Claus, I call him Kringle once in a while, and that is Kris with a K, by the way.”

Rudolf TRNR:
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