Sunday, January 22, 2006

Art Bell's Wife Ramona Passed Away Last Week

A few that read this blog, and all my friends, know that I am a radiophile. I have layed awake a good portion of my life listening to the radio, from the dawn of the Beatles in the 60s to the present. The Art Bell phenomenon has always been a true fascination to me. The Rod Serling of night time radio, Art's very personal style and straight-out whackiness is now part of the American culture. He inspired my first "proto blog" named "The Adventures of Professor Donald P. Stone". Yes it was pretty terrible, but I enjoyed it and it had an Art Bell flair. I may ressurrect it out of pure silliness.

To continue:
Art just spent the last hour (12:00am-1:00am Sunday) in a very personal talk with his listeners describing his wife's death in detail. Ramona died of asthsma at the age of 47. He described his utter lonliness. He has insisted on returning to the air to keep himself busy.

1:18-bulletin: Art's talk was just interrupted by the police who heard him on the radio and checked on his condition. That is live radio.
Well I must go to bed, and fall asleep listening to Art and his guest describe super string theory and "an ocean of universes".


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