Friday, January 06, 2006

A Curmudgeon's Fitness Trend Review

Lake Minnetonka Magazine, an upscale publication for the Lake Minnetonka environs, has published a list of “Top 10 Trends in Fitness and Health”. I am a classic fitness person. I have never enrolled in any Spinning classes (in the dark or light) and I never practiced the Winsor Pilates ‘ab fest’. In other words - I am an anti social workout bum. I run the streets, I swim on my own side of the lane, I lift freeweights alone and I bicycle (here I part somewhat from personal tradition because I do participate in group rides). I have done these activities for over 35 years and I continue to do so.
Here are the abbreviated “trends” with a few comments and suggestions of my own.

LMM (Lake Minnetonka Mag.) Top 10 Fitness Trends - with MF (Minnetonkafelix) commentary.

1. “Not just looking better, feeling better”. MF comment: I'll be satisfied with looking better.

2. LMM- “Long Term Goals versus short term fix - lifestyle changes versus quick fixes”. MF - Each year after 50 long term and short differentiations mean less. Really - short term fix means injury.

3. LMM - "A personal approach versus the cookie cutter approach". MF - This is just a pitch for personal trainers or physical therapists. Most people just need the basics.

4. LMM - Avoid the scale. MF - Avoid the refrigerator.

5. LMM - Aerobics - still a key piece of the puzzle- try cross training. MF - Yes, it is the cornerstone.
6. LMM- Weight training for all major muscle groups. MF - This is a trend? Genetic supplements - thats a trend.

7. LMM - Focus on alignment and posture for balance. MF - Stretch.

8. LMM - Yoga and pilates for men. MF - these classes are thinning out, and men are 2/3rd of health club memberships.

9. LMM - "Think whole body. Excercise using the whole body rather than isolated exercises". MF - This is another yoga pitch and that is fine, but there is a place for everything - even a french curl.

10. LMM - Any age is the right age to get fit. MF - just keep the under 12 crowd out of the free weight area.

My tips:

1. The first step out the door is the longest. Show up.
2. Alternate workouts, alternate days.
3. Build consistency before intensity.
4. If you think you are injured, stop exercising for God's sake.
5. Ice and water are your friends. Inflamation and dehydration are not.
6. Do not run or bike outside with a headset on.
7. Do not talk on a cell phone while working out - period, exclamation point.
8. Always watch your foot position. In my case in relationship to my mouth is an extra concern.
9. Put a bell on your bike, signal your turns, and stop for stop signs.
10. Good shoes.


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