Monday, August 21, 2006

Golden Rod Abounds

The Luce Line - Hay Fever Revisited
I drove out to St. Bonifacious on Sunday and parked my car in a dirt lot near the Ox Yoke Inn. This “Inn” is a classic western Minnesota bar and grill. It is a favorite stopping spot for bicyclers, bikers and sightseers. They serve a burger called the “Jucy Lucy”, deriving it’s name from the adjacent Luce Line trail. (The Inn getting it's name from the nearby Ox Yoke Lake - which is shaped like an Ox Yoke) The burger is very similar to the famed Lions Pub burger. Both to me are merely conventional burgers.
Grilled, preformed beef patties - probably Simeks brand, sauteed nondescript white bun, lettuce, tomato, optional onion and cheese of your choice. Enough said, customers seem to like them a lot.
I had decided to run the runner-friendly trail, while my wife was at the Ox Yoke Stables riding her horse “Rainey”.
As I ran the on clay surface trail I became aware that the trail is lined with goldenrod. A pretty weed that really is more of a physical nuisance than anything else. I ran along and sniffled.I was also aware of the a new golf course that had sprung up along the trail. A private club with a nifty membership fee.
The cyclists who filled me in on the club told me the clubs name, but I blanked it out after I heard the fee. I came back home and watched the Twins win... free. GO TWINS!
I apologize if this is a dull post.... it is Monday.


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