Sunday, September 03, 2006

My State Fair

Friday September 1

The Doom and gloom weather forecasters were wrong. The predicted “cloudy, overcast, with intermittent rain" turned out to be in actuality - 80 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze. The overblown “Ernesto-mania” had spread into our local weather ‘personalities’ group psyche.
My trip to the Minnesota State Fair left me with but a few mundane cultural observations:

• Decreasing tattoos and piercings- the tattoos are fading, leaving the 'marked' trend-dated.
• Cleavage abounds!
• Rented rascals (motorized carts) were everywhere - some exhibited “rascal rage”.
• Baggy black pants with lots of zippers.
• We were disappointed at our timing at the “Birthing Barn”. My wife wanted to see more baby animals, and perhaps there were at other times, Friday was day 9 of the Fair.
• Realism, photorealism, & representionalsm was the choice of the judges at the Art Gallery. More photography.
I have no overwhelming favorite... judging is a mix of the judge's personal tastes and social politics.
• I watched a nutritionally challenged middle age man drop a corn dog in the dirt, then pick it up and continue to eat it. Frankly - I might do the same, if I were to buy a corn dog.


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