Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Locust Hills

Minnesota Historical Society:

"In 1855, Wayzata had an influx of settlers who built a sawmill, a hotel and a blacksmith shop.  Most early settlers made their living off the land, first by clear cutting the trees to grow corn and wheat.  In 1857, this flourishing economy was nearly terminated by a grasshopper plague.  But then ginseng was discovered in the remaining hard wood forest which had been left standing, these trees being too great a distance from the lake to float down stream to the sawmill."

Locust Hills Development Corporation is in the process of building 44-47 Villa Homes just South of the intersection of 101 and McGinty Road- I have written about this intersections before.

Locust Hills... an historically infamous and unappealing name. How did this developement obtain it's name? This new developement is built near Grays Bay, but not quite on it,- it has its own "lagoon". It is billled as a 'new urbanist' (my name) type developement. The Locust Hills.

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