Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Two roads crossing- two paths crossing

Along Minnetonka Boulevard
Along Minnetonka Boulevard.

Highway 101 runs South to Shakopee where it joins Highway 169 and follows the Minnesota River through southern Minnesota. Historically this North/South route was traveled by Native Americans during hunting migrations and during battles. Chowen’s Corner-Deephaven, rests at the edge of this Indian trail. Early Chowen's Corner settlers tell of watching long lines of warriors pass, sometimes for a full day, as they headed north to Lake Mill Lacs and other points. Highway 101 touches the Eastern side of Lake Minnetonka, and today crosses over a bridge at Grays Bay. The road is expanding for heavier traffic.

A mile further south, Minnetonka Boulevard crosses Highway 101. This 2-lane ”boulevard” roughly follows Minnehaha Creek, whose source is Lake Minnetonka. Minnehaha Creek empties into the Mississippi River at legendary Minnehaha Falls. The mighty Mississippi river empties into the Gulf of Mexico, and then to the oceans of the world. Minnetonka boulevard is a small restless road that changes directions sharply and always moves west, like the early settlers.

Henry W. Longfellow wrote 'The Song of Hiawatha', a heroic poem of the triumph of “The Noble Savage” (a popular 19th century theme). The poem mentions the lake, the stream and the waterfall. It was published in 1861. The poem brought about a frenzy of interest in Lake Minnetonka and hastened the Lake’s “Guilded Age". A time of European-style opulence and class distinction.

The two roads cross in the city of Minnetonka. It is an unseemly intersection of 2 cultures, with a dangling 3 color semifore.

This intersection is under construction until fall of 2007.


Blogger Stacia said...

What a positively lovely way of informing me of the upcoming construction in my 'hood!

5:09 PM  
Blogger minnetonkafelix said...

thanks "Truth'.
Upcoming, on going, permanent.
The history is lost at times. 101 and Minnetonka Boulevard is my own "Crossroads legend" site.

12:28 PM  

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