Saturday, January 20, 2007


It is not a flattering term. Why are these new construction houses not called “mansions”, “estates”, or more realistically just “ large houses”? It is political & it is a lifestyle thing.
The name “ McMansions” is loaded with cultural baggage and inuendo. (The City Council of Minnetonka specifically call them "McMansions" in their development planning policy).
With the word “McMansion”, bad taste is implied, fast money, and class envy is an underlying tone. It also implies superfluous fat. The McMuffin of houses.
The politicians are talking about visual and moral aesthetics. - City income surely rises with tax revenues from these higher priced homes. This is an odd position, because in the (infamous) Glen Lake Developement higher income to the city was a justification for use of Emininent Domain (takings).

Still the City of Minnetonka presses on working with New Urbanists, to regulate the construction of this new category of new houses built in existing neighborhoods.

City Planner Geoff Olson says this “We’re on the cutting edge on this one”.

My question; Who gives, and who recieves the cuttings?


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