Saturday, February 10, 2007

Restaurant views

I recently deleted a very popular, post. In fact, it was the most "googled" post I have ever had. The post was about a local Pub that just opened. I have never eaten there, but I had read an interview with the owner, who spoke of their planned menu offerings.
One of the rules of the road is that I do not make negetive comments about a local business, and I maintain that stance. If I go to a restaurant and I am unhappy, I will not go there again, but I will not gripe about it here. I have too many other things to do than hurt any local business.
I also will delete a post if it offends someone. Well, an employee was offended, or just ticked off, so I deleted the post. The thousands of hits for this pub have subsided and Minnetokascenes is back to a more accurate readership.

Cold tracks 2

Sure is nice and quiet.


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This is a note to all my readers. At this time I cannot post to my own blog.


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