Friday, March 23, 2007

The Second Ice Season on Minnetonka

This is the season where ice boats - those sail boats on skates, shoot joyfully across the Lake.

I "borrowed"this quote from (March 20th)- I hope they don"t mind.

"We sailed lower Minnetonka today, hard fast rumbly ice in the AM, softening through out the day. Cleaner ice up toward Big Island and up towards Excelsior, thicker crust down towards Wayzata and Brackett's point. Smoother Ice on Lower Lake than I found in Spring Park on Upper lake on Sun. where I broke my DN plank. That seemed bad until I lost the leeward runner of my Skeeter into a carp hole today and ripped the plank off."

I sure sailing time is lmited now, 60 degrees coming soon. Good luck guys.


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