Friday, April 27, 2007

A Morel Hunter from Deephaven

Be wawy, wawy quiet, - I’m hunting fungi. My annual half hearted effort at discovering these little treasures in my own back yard - literally. I am fortunate to have 1/2 plus acre of thick woods behind my house with old, downed trees that are perfect for Morel hunting. (I have found some in the past, when I looked way too late)
Also legend has it the woods behind Deephaven Elementary is an el primo search area.

Morel hunters are a quirky bunch. Some share their information freely with others... There is “The National Morel Mushroom Hunters Association” I suspect they all wear grey and brown spongy little hats and sit in dank rooms discussing their secret stashes.
A pull out quote from one of their sites, with slight editing:

April 26th
“Look in popplars and conifurs. Look on hill sides and railroad tracks. Look in places where the spores can get trapped. Its early yet. When the nights get warmer they'll start popping up. Usually any time from the 5th of may until the 10th of june youll find morels.When you start to see the fiddal heads (ferns) starting to come up is when your morels will be at there (sic) prime. Happy hunting”.


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