Friday, May 18, 2007

Wayzata Yacht Club

Evening sails

I paused in Wayzata to take a few photos of the sailboats filtering in from their lower Lake Excursions. This evening I decided I would obey the "NO TRESSPASSING" signs posted about, and I took my photos from a plebian's distance.
A woman asked me if I was taking pictues of the sunset. The sun would not set for another hour so I assumed she was being obtuse. "No, just the sail boats". - A tourist.
I was returning from the Minnetonka Center for the Arts, where I attended a "Members Show" opening. I am considering membership, so a little research is in order.
The work shown was uneven, but that is to be expected at a members show. Prices were also uneven, with some very nice work underpriced (IMHO). My mind filled with a clutter of thoughts as I viewed the work. One observation is that I have never enjoyed worked shown "Salon Style'. This is where work is shown with many pieces shown on a wall stacked vertically to display as many pieces as possible. I suppose it is unavoidable. There was some excellent stone work - reductive sculpture. I saw an artist posing with his slightly futuristic sculpture of a screaming horse head . He seemed quite happy.


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