Friday, June 15, 2007


A walk along Lake Avenue in Cottagewood takes you past Keewaydin Avenue. To my knowledge "Keewaydin" means a "northwest wind' in the Dakotah language.
During Minnetonka's guilded age (1870-80s) there was a Hotel Keewaydin at this location. It was owned by Henry Schomberg. Still standing at this loction is the Hotel's Water tower, an odd and mysteriously out of place shape looming on the penninsula.
I sometimes imagine I can hear the long-past guests chatting as they stroll down to the boat launch to take a ferry ride out to Big Island Amusement Park. Clinking glasses, and a trail of cigar smoke in the air.
The lake is lovely,lively, and at times exasperatingly hectic but there are many ghosts on Lake Minnetonka. In the evening they drift in on a northern breeze.....


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