Friday, June 22, 2007

A Lake or a Pond? Try this!

How do you know if it is a Lake? I borrowed this from a real lake expert's web site. It is interesting,, Minnetonka- Lake. Behind my house-, "wetland".

Answer these questions to score your pond or lake.
First number: Yes, Second number: No
1. Rooted plants grow to near the middle of the pond 0 1
2. Roughly the same water temperature top to bottom 0 1
3. Deep water is much colder than surface during summer 2 0
4. Waves taller than 12 inches are common during storms 4 0
5. Outlet or feeder stream is wider than 15 feet 1 0
6. Maximum Depth is greater than 20 feet 1 0

Sub Totals:    
Grand Total:  

The scores will range from zero to ten. If the body of water scores a 5 or higher, it's a lake. Scores of 4 and lower are ponds.

Number 3 reminds me of the qualifications for: A hill a mountain? A mountian spans 2 climate zones.


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