Thursday, June 14, 2007

One Oh One

The Hennepin County Roads Projects website put a broad project completion date of Fall 2007 for Highway 101 construction. Why do I find myself rubbing my chin (like Brian Keith in Family Affair) with frustration? My basic pessimism about any government projection? Probably. The progress is visible, and the construction involves a lot of work on the infrastructure, ceramic tunnels and cranes line the road - still a year has passed since my "crossroads" story about this work. The Hennepin County vehicles still crowd the Blockbuster Video Parking lot. The bright orange cones still cordon off the road into, unnmarked narrow lanes. - Those construction outbuildings are starting to look permanent.

The Dry Cleaners and Tailor on the corner of 101 and Minnetonka Boulevard should have a sign: "You can drop you pants here".


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