Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Keewaydin - Part 2

Keewaydin and Lakeview sign
Keywaydin. In Dakotah it means "A Northern breeze".

Alex awoke that night at 2am, his mind restless as it wrestled with the haunting puzzle. “It didn’t make any sense” He thought. It was peaceful at 2am. No boat motors, no cars. Just a cool breeze and the reassuring distant rumble of the train from Wayzata. He got up and walked downstairs.
A soft moonlight partially filled the room.
There, at the Lake-facing window he could make out a pale blond figure. A young girl gazed out at the lake, her face was anxious and reflective. It was the same girl who had come to the door earlier the morning before, and left so abruptly. Now she stood there, semi-transparent, searching for something. The apparition pressed her hands against a wall, peered beneath a small table, then slowly turned and looked directly at him. Her face displayed alarm. Raising her hands to her mouth in surprize the figure surpressed a cry, then simply faded away...

The vision was mildly disconcerting to Alex, but harmless enough. He had never told anyone....and considering special effects movies and technology, the little girl vision seemed simple, low tech and underproduced. But it was real.

Earlier that day Alex had made calls to Hennepin County Property Records, and the Realtors involved in the prior sales of his house to get a better understanding of the house’s prior owners. A former owner had moved to California for a blossoming writing career. The couple before him was quickly, and amicably divorced. Only the owner in the seventies had a daughter.... but she was alive and in her early 40s. She lived in New England.

Alex walked to where the figure had been standing.


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