Thursday, August 30, 2007

MacDonald's In Wayzata

MacDonalds Wayzata

Have you tried our Iced Coffee? (our coffee is not so hot!)
After negotiations with Wayzata City Planners, this tasteful MacDonalds opened on Wayzata Boulevard. Frankly, it is very attractive and a vast improvement over the previous MacDonalds... and, there is plenty of parking space in the wrap around lot. See for yourself.

Some MacDonalds things learned along the way:
• The MacDonald Brothers opened the first MacDonalds in San Bernadino CA in 1940. Founded on the principle that hamburgers are more popular than hot dogs.
• The 2nd MacDonalds was opened in Phoenix AZ, 1953
• The 4th was opened in Downey,CA with the now classic Arches- it is still operating (what happend to the 3rd?).
• 1955 - Ray Kroc - His first MacDonald's opens in Des Plaines IL.
• 1958 - 100 million sold.
• 1961 - Hamburger University is founded. - B.A. In Hamburgerology. Get your degree, set yourself free.
• 1963 - The carnivorous Ronald MacDonald and "The Smile known round the world" is created as a mascot. Clownphobia ensues.


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