Sunday, August 05, 2007

Orange and Gray - Tour de Tonka


Stripes up the backs of riders told the story. A gray sky greeated cyclist as they headed out at 7:30 from Deephaven to cover distances of 15, 33 and 63 miles. Turnout was supressed by the weather. Weeks without rain had finally ended - on the day of the ride. Some riders had to practice the "wet brakes" experience, and an occasional tumble took place.
I rode the 33 mile course with a friend who was a bit of a novice, but managed the hills and water like a trouper. First gear is your friend.

I am not sure of the logistics in the course design, with so many roads crossing so many Cities and Townships (and traffic control) - BUT I must say this: The course is billed as a Tour of the Lake. More stretches along the lake with lakeviews should be integrated.

That said: Thanks to all the attentive volunteers and safety personnel.


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