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Soma Records, Surfin Excelsior

Soma Records - "Punk Bands" 1963-65 Minnesota

Surfin In Excelsior

“In February 1962, Ray Colihan booked the Beach Boys at Big Reggie’s Danceland (Excelsior) for $400, before anyone had ever heard of them. Between the time they were booked and the time they arrived, however, they had a big record out that was #1 on WDGY. Thousands of kids showed up, and Colihan was afraid they would tear down the roller coaster.”
St. Louis Park Historical Society

I have wondered how the Twin Cities could have been so awash in the “Surf Sound” back in 1963-65. We’re mid-continent. I got a hint when surfing the St. Louis Park Historical Society Web site.

Pre-dating the wave that would be the British Invasion in 1964, The Cities music was fused with twangy surf guitars, tom toms and a unique garage band sound.

The Above Photo
This CD was an effort by Simitar Entertainment © 1998 Maple Plain, to save and publicize the local recordings of Soma Records (defunct).

A partial list of tracks:
• Foot Stompin - by The Underbeats
• Surfin Bird - The Trashmen
• Run, Run Run - The Gestures
• Little Latin Lupe Lu - The Chancellors
• Let the good times roll - The Del Counts
• Liar Liar - The Castaways
• You Dont Want me - The Corvettes
• Turn on your love light - The High Spirits
• Olds-Mo-Williams - Gregory D and the Avanties
• Summer Place - The Titans (very surfy)
• Cold 45- The Four Wheels
• Howlin for my Baby - the Accents 


Blogger Chancellor Dan said...

Why does everyone wonder why Minnesotans love the 1960's surf music tunes? Minnesota is the "Land of One Thousand Lakes", not to mention the shores of Lake Superior and the Mississppi River. All bordered by "beaches"!

Your blog inspired me to write my own, Check it out.

5:16 PM  
Blogger Chancellor Dan said...

My mistake, sorry, Land of 10,000 lakes. Dan

7:22 PM  
Blogger minnetonkafelix said...

It is a great honor and thrill to get a comment from an original member of "The Chancellors". Yow!
I still play Little Latin Lupe Lu in my Purple VW Beetle Turbo (aptly named "Moby after Moby Grape) Really loud...
Neighbors stare.

7:56 PM  

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