Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jake O'Connor's Public House - a streetside view

Jakes in Excelsior - Menu
I really love Excelsior. (I also love the Longellow poem "Excelsior!") The town has an identity, in a time when many towns have lost theirs. It has a main street. The Post Office personnel are helpful and smile.

....I walked down Water Street and read the posted menu on Jakes O'Connors Public House.

Without (excessive) editorial commentary here are a few selected items for your consideration:

Chicken, ham and leek pie - 12.95

Sheppards pie - 13.75 "The Irish have flocked to this dish for centuries" Flocked I tells ya!

Pork chop - "A 16 oz. marinated pork chop grilled to order"

Roast rack of lamb - Marinated in a veal demi-glace - 24.75

Dublin Boxty - Sea scallops, cod and shrimp in a lobster bisque served atop potato pancakes. - 27.95

Porterhouse steak - 41.00

Many other items - Root vegetable salad, ceasar salad, potato soup....


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