Monday, January 28, 2008

On the Back Porch

A glimmer of sunset
Everyday life sometimes slips by us.

A reader asked if I had heard the MPR discussion on the state of photography. I did not.
I will make my own observation and try to fix on the positive aspects of photography today.
The digital camera age has made photgraphy and the art of seeing things through the camera's eye a very accesable and immediate experience... for anyone. Camera quality has grown exponentially. It has made it possible for everyone to capture lifes moments without the costs and time of film processing and even printing. A quick view of FlickR, or other photo posting and sharing sites show the creativity and beauty that many see every day. People that previously may have been daunted by the costs, and assumed technicalities now are shooting photos daily and seeing things they might have missed.


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Your comments would have added to the MPR discussion!

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