Friday, January 11, 2008

A Story of Columns

Across the street
Our neighbors are building a new house. A Cottagewood USA home. Without reservations I can say that this is a classically styled home. The builder (I do not know them at all) - is Landschute - and they have been respectful of the neighbors and very skillfull. The house is, in my artistic estimation, vintage Americana. That is an unsolicited endorsement.
BUT TO THE POINT - Let's look at the columns. The columns are proportionate to this structure. Columns are the key to a building. They ae not a facade, they set the tone for the architecture of the whole structure. It is said that a Greek temple or could easily be determined if only one columne of the structure survived. Ionic, Doric, Corintian, size and scale.
Looking at many new homes and remodleled homes in the area; if only one column survived these houses, anarcheologist would reconstruct and project a building the size of the Parthenon or an entrance to the Mall of America.
(Note: I could not in good consciense, show photographs of the homes in question.)


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