Monday, April 21, 2008

Of Campaniles, Lighthouses...... and the Ice Out

Wayzata city Council is planning to build a “campanile”. Working with developer “Presbeterian Homes” they plan to develop the Wayzata lakefront in many ways, one of them is a campanile. “What in the hellespont is a Campanile?” The name is Italian, and simply put: It is most often a free-standing bell tower. Sometimes a clock tower. Other times it is a minaret or prayer tower. If you put a light on top you might have a lighthouse. I encourage this option, it fits perfectly into the Minnetonka aspiration to a New England ambiance. But most often a campanile is a bell tower. The most famous campanile is the Leaning Tower of Pizza (185 feet). A campanile with an attitude. Note: Do not order pizza.
I think Wayzata would benefit from a campanile, but it must be made with great style and craftsmanship. If erected (proposed height of 155 ft) it will become a Lake Minnetonka landmark that will be constantly referenced by navigators, tourists and photographers. I might even be able to make my ice out report from atop it.

.....speaking of the Lake Minnetonka Ice Out (how do you like that segue?)
As of today April 21rst the Ice is still in! This is one of the latest in years, which should be no surprise to a native Minnesotan... and of bitter dissappointment to Don Shelby, global warming apostle.

finally, some facts about Lake Minnetonka. 

Channels: 31 connecting channels
     Maximum Depth: 101 feet (in Crystal Bay)
     Outlet Minnehaha Creek Outlet
     Upper Lake Inlets: Six-Mile and Painters Creek Outlets
     Water Clarity: 10.9 feet


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