Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wazata Art Experience

A stroll down Lake Avenue by the waterfront in Wayzata found the street lightly populated. It was a limited art experience. The artists' displays lined two sides of the street for about one city block. The artists sat in weighted white pole tents to protect the work and themselves from inclement weather and sun.
Two large Irish Wolfhounds drew attention while I was there. Gourmet hot dogs were going for 4.50.
Mr. Joe Bangles
An odd character and his accolite sold his CDs from their moving inventory

Can one judge a street exihibit in the same way one might review a lofty presentation at the Walker? No, this is art in the physical world, outside the white cube. For the artist this is art in the trenches. I know I have been there. Competition from the "Art-A-Whirl" in Minneapolis thinned the crowd.
I enjoy looking for artist that look like their work. A bright and cheery blond sat at a table behind her sunlit pastel acrylic still lifes. A eccentric curmudgeon displayed his pen and ink hatched & cross hatched Train Stations from throughout Minnesota and the Midwest. A very talented printmaker displayed some well printed colored etchings and intaglio prints. I was somewhat dismayed with his "artist statement" and morose subject matter - where is a person going to display this?
I am also somewhat dssappointed when an artist's symbolism is particularly obvious and treadworn... but that is me.
Pictured is the refreshingly fun-loving, romantic and slightly retro paintings and colllage/mixed media work of Westy Caswell


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