Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wayzata Depot

The Wayzata Depot is decked out for the 4th of July.
The Depot was built by James J Hill. It was a peace offering by the Empire Builder to the City of Wayzata after a 19th Century (well known) feud. Finally the tourists were let off on the main street.
James J Hill Days Railroad


Blogger Chuck said...

Well, now I'm sad. I don't know how I missed that locomotive on the 4th! I love steam locomotives...must have something to do with my age...

As an aside, in the winter of 1948, my Mother received a phone call from the Wayzata station master saying that there was a package for me.

It was snowing mightily and Mom didn't drive but she called the neighbor and he drove me to the station...about 6 miles...to pick up my...HAMSTER!

I had saved up a dollar and ordered it in the back of a comic book. My parents were less than amused.

I think about that night whenever I drive by the station.

Thanks again for your wonderful photos!

8:14 AM  

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