Tuesday, August 12, 2008


My first dining excursion to "Spasso", the new italian restaurant at Highway 101 and Minnetonka Boulevard. Spasso replaces the Lakewinds Co-op, that previously occupied the corner location. (Lakewinds now is a few doors down in the old Coopers location). Coopers is gone.
I have always been drawn to the Spasso sign. and the warm simplicity of the inline lighted type.... the inviting wooden doors. I had stopped a few times in passing (when they were not open) to see if they post a menu, but they do not. - So, on a sunny Saturday we stopped in to share a few dishes and try a little "Spasso" - Their slogan is "Come as you are". We did. We split a salad and a side, and were pleased with the food and our very attentive service.
Bleu beef salad
Bleu flank steak and onion salad
Safron risotto
Safron risotto
We sat outside in the warm August sun. It was a caucaphony of automotive sounds accompanied by a flashing semifore as we watched the world spin by at the crossroads of two busy avenues.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried to find a review online, as I have wanted to try Spazzo, as well. Pictures are even better. Thanks!

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