Monday, September 08, 2008

James J Hill Days - Wayzata Daschund Races 08

The Daschund Races in Wayzata are a ground level, low riding canine festival. I find that unless I crawl around on my stomach, my Daschund photos are top down on the little varminters.
I was charmed by the smallest dog there - a tiny brown 6 week old Daschund named "Link".

It was a mild, sunlit day filled with thousands of spectators, happy pet owners and an abundance of jokes made at the shapely dogs expense. Feisty, and ferocious at times, Daschunds also have the abiity withstand shopworn food humor, and costumes usually reserved for cats.
I arrived just in time to watch the races, sofa jumps and costume contests.
Corn Dog, and Gonzo were two hot dogs whose performances stood out in the Sofa Jump, but in the end I believe that Maggie dethroned a previous champ named Cinnamon.....anyways that is my attempt at dropping a few names. Check the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce for all official results.

In the navy
A pensive look.


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