Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Images From Maynards Pond Hockey 2009

Near Excelsior there is a little path that shoots off from the LRT Trail and leads directly to the Bayview Center deck. The very same deck where the 'Polar Plunge' was hosted. I took the path and it and it led me directly to the boating docks and The Pond Hockey Tournament. As I strolled around the various make-shift rinks I found excitement, enthusiasm and some frazzled players. It was Sunday and the highest level of activity was on Saturday... today there was a steady stream of teams and pond hockey vets milling about or cuising off to Maynards.
A Nordic King
Some Spectators had mixed interests....
I asked an affable official if he thought the event went well, and he assured me it was a success: "It got a bit crazy here yesterday, some of the play was a little intense, but we have the Hennnepin County Sherriff right there" ( he gestured to a few police vehicles parked nearby, on the ice).
Wild Pond Hockey, eh!
This photo shows the size of "the boards" - no checking up against these. Note the lack of padding on the player, and the small wooden goal with the 7 inch openings (my estimate) on the sides. - Slap shots are out.


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