Thursday, January 29, 2009

An early 20th century steamer race on Lake Minnetonka

19th Century Steamer Race on Minnetonka

I took a photo of this watercolor in a downtown Excelsior shopping center. I will update it with the artist and details at a later date. My apologies to the artist and the owner. We all need a warm, sunny day shot as we trudge through the salt-laden streets, and this depicts historic Lake Minnetonka perfectly.
The steamers are heading in from Big Island, in the background, and charging into Excelsior Bay. Watch out for that big post...

From Excelsior Charters Web site:
1st Streetcar boat, 1906 - a total of 6 were on the lake, (The Como, The Stillwater, The Hopkins, The Harriet, The White Bear, and The Minnehaha). 3 were scuttled in 1926. Minnehaha was raised after 55 years.


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