Friday, February 27, 2009

A Driveway Duel

looking out
I had shoveled 10 inches of heavy snow from my 60 foot driveway and was nearing the place where the driveway joins the street. This is the place where a large pile of hard snow accumulates from plows clearing the snow from ours, and a nearby street. The "hump" is my final challenge.
The plow has not been by yet to make its substantial contribution.
I prepare to clear the mini-mountain when I notice I am being watched. Across the street a dark, hulking snowplow stands idling, like the mysterious deisel from the movie "Duel". But now I am Dennis Weaver. The truck waits silently for me to clear the drive, its the engine idling ominously.
I try to out-wait the unseen driver.
I wait, yet the snowplow doesn't move.
After 10 minutes I decide that I am being a bit paranoid, - surely it is merely on a break. The truck is no sadist...
I grab my shovel and grunt and toss the crusty pile of snow away to clear an outlet to the street, and then with sore back, I head indoors.
From my front window I watch as the plow fires up and begins to resume plowing. He has to clear a corner, and gathers steam and a large pile of snow and as he passes my house. Rumbling by the truck deposits a large wall of snow across the end of my driveway.
I slouch. I have lost the duel.

(this happened years ago during a tremendous blizzard)


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