Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Excel Boat Club Docks

St Alban's Bay
New docks are being layed in St. Alban's Bay, just off Minnetonka Boulevard in Excelsior.
My mind wanders...
I have always wondered who 'St. Alban' was... so many things bear his name, so I checked out the Catholic Church encyclopedia web site. St. Alban was England's first Saint - martyred by the Roman Emperor Decius around 250-1 AD. St. Alban posed as a priest to allow a fugitive priest to escape capture. The unhappy Roman governor decided that he either Alban abandon the Christian faith or suffer the consequenses... After a speedy trial he was flogged and beheaded.
He was just edged out in the voting for England's patron saint by St. George (Dragon slaying was very high profile).
The Saint Alban's Cathedral at his burial site is spectacular.


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