Monday, June 15, 2009

Scenes from Art On the Lake in Excelsior

I walked down Center Street to “Art On The Lake” in Excelsior on Sunday and I was submerged into a sea of white tents, sunglasses and sundresses. Is it me, or do 70esque sundresses vaguely resemble maternal wear?
In the distant bandshell an Irish folk singer sang a non rhyming ballad that lost something in the translation. I wandered away. I enjoyed bothering the artist with my speculation if they were right or left handed by looking at their work, or by some other arcane art reference.
It was day number two for Art on The Lake and the sun had been out most of the time.
...and I got a free t-shirt!
Art On the Lake
Lee and Connie Aragon worked in tandem "The Team". Tour de Tonka volunteers.

Delightful watercolour artist, and culinary expert, Patricia Choffrut.

It's roasted I tell you! Listen - an inflatable ear of corn is a thing of beauty forever.


Blogger Screenpunk said...

you must have had a great day and really got to show the shirt .. is it left or right handed?

2:15 PM  

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