Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Dakota Trail

The 3 Rivers Park District officially opened the "Dakota Trail" on June 1,
2009. The paved section of trail stretches for 13 miles from downtown
Wayzata to St. Bonifacious.
I will be riding, weathr permitting, the trail for the first time this
weekend with a few highschool buddies, and giving it my unnofficial review
and I will post photos of the ride out and back. The Star- Tribune describes
it as "weaving in and out of Lake Minnetonka bays". This description begs
first hand examination, since it was built on a train bed.
Bicycle free. The beginning of the trail in Wayzata (6:30am).

Something colorful is left behind. I clambored down a rocky embankment, under the Wayzata Beach footbridge to take this shot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how does one find the parking areas and the trailhead. I have been looking for a map--no luck yet.
Jean in Rochester

4:30 PM  

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