Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Low Down

Creek is low
Minnehaha Creek is but a trickle.

The Mill
This scene from "Minnetonka Mills". Now part of the the City of Minnetonka.
According to a sign near a gazebo, this was the central hub of train and boat traffic ealy in the pioneering days of Lake Minneotnka, which was rich with forestry and agricultural products. From my memory of reading: This is the birthplace of "Quaker Rolled Oats" which became "Quaker Oats". The mill itself was not powered by the running stream, but it served boat traffic. A small steam engine powered the mill, which was gone by 1890.

Pioneer wagon, Minnetonka
A farmer Bringing grain to the mill. These old photos were from posted photos, provided by the Minnesota Historical Society.


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