Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ridin' the rails. The Dakota Trail

Abriged edition
On Sunday at 9am I rode the Dakota Line Trail from Wayzata to St.
Bonifacious and back. Yours truly, and two high school friends. It is a flat, flat, flat, shady paved trail. Did I mention flat? In other words, it is a fast and easy 26 miles out-and-back. Paradise for the leisurely rider and kick-ass for the fast rider (on off peak hours). The scenery of the Lake(s) and surrouding wetlands is lovely. I think it a perect way to see Lake Minnetonka.
There are maps and benches along the way, but no water or porta-potties.
Riders beware. Fortunately there was one unit in St. Boni.

Seton Lake
Its all water (and boats) under the bridge.


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