Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Trashmen on Tour 2009

Trashmen in the  early 60s

Mark Peterson, a friend and local neo-realist painter who features classic cars, went to see "The Trashmen" at the Minnesota State Fair Auto Show. Quality classic autos. The Trashmen performed their hit song "Surfin Bird", and did spot-on renditions of "Walk Dont Run", and other 60s surf songs. I hope they did Pipeline. Mark said they were spectacular and were doing a hit European Tour. I find this very reassuring in these times. Haven't you heard about the Bird, well everybody knows: "The Bird is the word".
"Surfin Bird" was released by Soma records in 1963. Priciples Kay Bank and Amos (Soma backwards namesake) said sarcastically; "It is the worst record I've ever heard" and "It's a terrible record, see if you like it" - wheile asking Mercury records to distribute it. They did and it quickly sold one million copies. The teenaers had voted.
- reference: Martin Keeler's Minnesota Series.

Trashmen 2009


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