Saturday, August 01, 2009

Scenes from the Tour de Tonka 09

When I woke Saturday morning the sky was blustery and the wind was bending the trees as if they were doing "the wave" to me. Windy... I almost prefer the rain. But the sky brightened, and as I arrived at the starting point everyone was very eager to get underway. - I, personally, needed more coffee.
Slipping into my "rat traps" with a flick of my feet I headed out along the crowded frontage road with the early riders doing the 16 and 38 mile rides. The more rugged 65 and 75 milers would have to wait a few minutes for the throng to clear before starting. (In total, I guestimate a couple thousand riders in all 4 distances).
The 38 mile course was challenging and quite beautiful, with scenes of the lakes and countryside. The final ride up and down the Vine Hill Road "Roller Coaster" certainly got my attention... then a glide down to the finish.
The organizers, sponsors and volunteers were superb. "Thank you" to everyone for making the ride a very well executed and successful cycling event.
1rst break for the 38Mi. ride

Team Veloviet



Crossing Old Channel

A rider (not the author) takes a spill.

The inflatable  wall - once called an arch

Gina Maria's Pizza

And... at the end of the ride she appeared to us like an angel - bearing pizza.


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