Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wandering along the weekend trail

wild plums

picking plums

I wandered up, and chatted with people along the trail yesterday. I talked with a friendly couple picking wild plums along the Luce Line. They volunteered to give me a bag so I could join them picking the ripe wild plum fruit; "You can make jam very easily" he said with a German accent. I declined, and continued on down the trail.
It was an sunny, autumnal day, and trail traffic was light. I am only guessing, but the nearby paved Dakota Trail was probably being favored by the crowds. Clay surface trails (Luce Line) are soft and slow, - better for walkers, runners and wide tired bicyclers

August Fallen


I stopped into the Excelsior Flee Market and I had a brief and illuminating conversation with a vintage bottle collector about the history of ancient glass, ancient window production methods, and the popularity of glass bottle collecting in the US. He told me of rollled glass and blown glass prodution techniques in the old world and the new... after which I did not buy a thing.


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