Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mound Metalcraft and Tonka Toys

sure hit
An original flyer pitching Mound Metalcrafting's first toy steam shovel. 1946. Retailers were told of its sturdy construction, ships fully assembled in master cartons of 4, and displays well in store windows with its own individual printed chip board box.


The Old Schoolhouse. Original homeof Mound Metalcraft.

Tonka firechief
Mound Fire Department - and an unknown Mound Metalcraft fire chief poses with a new toy. He took it home and hid it from his kids for days, so he could play with it first.
My youthful memories of Tonka toys were of kindergarden playtime. I was of dimintive size and always lost out in the pecking order for the "Tonka Dump Truck" during play time. It was 1959 at Washington Grade School (a name that would never fly now) and we had Kindergarden for 1/2 Day. When mid- morning playtime was declared the boys quickly "acquired" their toys from the toy chest. I usually ended up with a few odds and ends which I mentally transformed into P-38s or Atlas Rockets.


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