Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2010 Plunge

The stinging winds and arctic temperatures have stiffened the waters to the point that the "Polar Plunge" will fulfill it’s name. That is my first 2010 prediction.
I witnessed the 2007 Polar plunge in Excelsior, when a seering wind and 12+ degree Below zero temperatures froze my Olympus and tail - it and was simply unendurble - for me. The plungers took the challenge with a more hearty attitude, and were in turn, fished out of the water with hooks and poles like shivering and chattering plungesicles.
The Ice men

....The other day I saw some ice fishermen crawling out to put up their shacks on Carson’s Bay only to be instructed by the Sheriffto leave and return when there was an inch of ice. For God's Sake.
Now, The turgid, lapping waves have been replaced by crackling ice and a dusting of snow.
Plungers beware!


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