Monday, June 07, 2010


I walked over to the abandoned starting and finishing line. It was a cross country course running through Gale Woods Farm. An open straitghtaway - then hills. Laying on the ground were discarded rubber bands and other clothing accessories that are banned by the Minnesota High School League. Sparkels and glitter are also banned.
My mind wandered.
I remember going to the Minnesota HS Track and Field Championship and sitting behind a group of male High School coaches. They were all wearing "fanny packs". I would ban these.
I remember running a 16:23 - 3 mile at the Swain Invitational in Duluth ( before the 5K distance replaced the 3 mile and erased some of greatest MN HS runner's records). They still give the runners their mile splits.
I finished in 19th place.

I thought back...I picked up one of the wrist bands from the ground. I put it on.


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