Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Dachshunds races - James J. Hill - Wayzata 2010

Dachshunds Races in Wayzata...we took our two non-Dachshunds to the sporting event. Our 18 year old Corgi-Sheltie mix (Rocky) was hailed as the senior statesman. Our Sheltie (Toonie) was simply, emotionally challenged by the crowd. I took them to a stand where they were giving out free treats as promotions. I gave one to Rocky who tossed it onto the ground in disgust. I gave another one to the chow-hound Toonie, who did the same. Neither will be employed as sales reps by this company.
The semi finals
The sprint semi finals.



Gracie 25


Ms. Twiggy


They are off!
And they're off!


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